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Bose L1® Model I system T1 with ToneMatch® audio engine


The Bose L 1 Sound System: First thing you will notice is the shape. No other speaker system looks like the Bose L1. Conventional sound systems consists of 2 main speakers that are mounted on stands, and project sound very loudly close to the speaker. The sound drops off as you move away. This causes the dj to turn the music up. This typically will hurt the ears of the guests that are right in front of the speakers.

The shape of the L1 projects the sound waves that expand out and to the sides. Sounds spreads more evenly to the audience, and drops off more slowly than conventional speakers.



Click Here For Demo (Then Click:Tone & Coverage)

The blue shaded area shows how the sound travels evenly with the Bose Sound System.  Guests can talk while the dance floor is packed.


The red shaded area below shows how the normal sound system pounds the guests in the front, and the sound drops off in the back.













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